EDIDocument Overview



    The EDIDocument component provides a fast and easy way to create EDI files.  It follows an object oriented hierarchy schema that makes it easy to use and understand.


    It enables developers to create any X12 EDI file quickly and easily.  It’s as simple as creating a new EDIDocument and adding loops, segments and elements. There are many powerful built-in smart features that prevents malformed EDI files without compromising speed.  From the simplest to the most complex file, let EDIDocument help you create well-formed EDI files the first time.

    Main Features

    • Create any X12 EDI file
    • Pads or trims element data to meet minimum and maximum length requirements
    • Automatically removes empty trailing data from elements and composite elements
    • Generate files on the file system or in memory EDI strings
    • Convert EDI data to XML
    • Automatically keeps track of the number of data segments created for the SE segments in X12
    • Automatically adds the numbers of ST transactions to the GE segments
    • Automatically adds the numbers of GS functional headers to the IEA segments
    • Fast EDI file generation
    • Easy-to-use API
    • Plus much more!
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