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"Your .Net EDI library is the best on the market!"
- Alexander Anikin, Development Team Lead - Kaspersky Lab US
"Absolutely Amazing. If you ever need a direct reference for your product or services, count me in. I am completely floored by both the product and the Customer Support. Absolutely amazing!"
- Tim Darnall, Senior Architect - Healthation
"There are a lot of good things to say about RDPCrystal EDI Library: the quality of their work, the excellent support service, and the well-designed structure of their classes. You guys have an awesome product and you back it up 200%.
- Edhy Rijo, Software Developer - Thomhild.org

Components that target each aspect of HIPAA EDI development


EDI Validator

Validate EDI data for accuracy

  • Supports all 7 Snip Validation Levels
  • Supports custom validation rules
  • Displays exact line of errors and warnings
  • Supports custom, internal and external code lists like CPT, ICD, NDC, CAS, zip codes, states, countries, etc. for superior validation
  • Validates complex segment/element relationships
  • Use .Net for highly customized scenarios

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EDI Document/EDI Lightweight Document

Create proper EDI documents the first time

  • Create X12 or EDIFACT compliant EDI documents
  • Create loops, segments, elements, composite and repeating elements
  • Pads or trims element data to meet minimum and maximum length requirements
  • Removes empty trailing data from elements and composite elements
  • Keeps track of segment ST, SE, GS and GE counts
  • Convert to XML

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Typed HIPAA Documents

Use feature-rich typed-HIPAA objects to create EDI documents

  • Use high level objects like ISA, GS, ST, CLM, IEA and properties to easily create EDI documents
  • Use familiar property names instead of having to guess what data belongs in what elements
  • Create loops and segments with an object-oriented paradigm
  • Extensible model allows the creation of custom EDI documents and segments
  • Supports all 5010 HIPAA transactions sets

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EDI Validation Unit Component

Validate EDI data without writing code

  • Start validating EDI documents right away
  • No programming required
  • Drag-and-Drop component
  • See errors and warnings
  • Navigate to errors and warnings with one click
  • Displays SNIP Levels

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EDI File Splitter

Split large EDI files into smaller, more manageable, ones

  • Split large X12 EDI files into many smaller, more manageable ones
  • Split at the Interchange, Functional Group or Transaction level
  • Specify total headers or functional groups per file
  • Customizable output filenames and extensions

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EDI Document Viewer

View EDI data properly

  • View entire EDI data in a hierarchical tree
  • Supports both large and small EDI documents
  • Low memory footprint
  • Color coded objects for easy viewing
  • Supports repeating elements, repeating composite elements

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FREE HIPAA EDI Rules Creator Studio

Create powerful EDI validation rules

  • Easily view, modify and create EDI rule
  • Configure required loops, segments, elements, and composite elements
  • Configure custom or complex validation rules
  • Configure internal and external code lists for superior file validation
  • Configure element data types, minimum and maximum values
  • Configure required, situational or dependent loops and segments with rules
  • Specify patterns that element data must conform to using Regular Expressions
  • Supports custom datatypes

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EDI File Joiner

Combine multiple X12 EDI files for easier processing

  • Combine multiple X12 EDI files into one EDI file or string
  • Combine at the Interchange, Functional Group or Transaction level
  • Automatically handles ISA, ST, GS and IEA segment counts and control numbers
  • Asynchronous file read and write operations

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EDI File Loader

Load any EDI file into memory

  • No need to write your own EDI parser
  • Loads any X12 or EDIFACT EDI file
  • Easily loop through each segment to access segment and element data
  • Loads EDI data from the file system or in-memory strings
  • Exposes an array containing all lines of the loaded EDI file
  • Easily convert to XML

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EDI File Scrubber

Hide sensitive EDI data in documents

  • Scrubs any EDI file (X12 and EDIFACT)
  • Handles composite elements
  • Fast parsing and scrubbing speeds
  • Option to scrub EDI data from the file system or in-memory strings
  • Auto detection of segment, element and composite delimiters

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