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More than a decade ago our developers were looking for EDI components just as you are right now.  The components also had to be fast, robust, configurable and easy to use.  We could not find any libraries that had all the features we were looking for.  

We decided to build our own.  After 1.5 years of conducting all the EDI research and becoming experts on EDI specifications we released RDPCrystal EDI Library.  11 years later we now service some of the largest companies in the US and around the world.

Our Mission

  • Making EDI simple to use and understand
  • Enable companies to use EDI effortlessly
  • Provide fast, robust and dependable EDI components

99.9% of Customers Recommend RDPCrystal EDI Library

Randy Kriss

Senior Director

“Give the designers my praise for creating such a flexible system


The more we use EDIValidator the more we are impressed with it and see more uses in the future.  It has helped identifying errors and we created some of our own custom rules. (with your fabulous support).  “

Tim Darnall

Senior Architect

“Absolutely Amazing. If you ever need a direct reference for your product or services, count me in. I am completely floored by both the product and the Customer Support. Absolutely amazing!”


Alexander Anikin

Development Team Lead

“Your .Net EDI library is the best on the market!”


Edhy Rijo​

Software Developer

“There are a lot of good things to say about RDPCrystal EDI Library: the quality of their work, the excellent support service, and the well-designed structure of their classes…” 


RDPCrystal EDI Library Suite Components

All components work together for the fastest, most stable and robust EDI environment

EDI Validator

Validate EDI data for accuracy

Learn More

EDI Document

Create proper EDI documents the first time

Learn More

Typed Document

Use feature-rich typed-HIPAA objects to create EDI documents

Learn More

EDI File Splitter

Split large EDI files into smaller, more manageable, ones

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EDI File Joiner

Combine multiple X12 EDI files for easier processing

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EDI File Loader

Load any EDI file into memory

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EDI File Scrubber

Hide sensitive EDI data in documents

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EDI Document Viewer

View EDI data properly

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EDI Rules Creator Studio

Easily create, view and modify HIPAA EDI rules

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EDI Validation Unit

Integrate HIPAA EDI validation into applications faster than ever

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CMS 1500 Form Printer

Print data to CMS 1500 forms

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EDI Transmissions

Streamline Data Exchange Using Major Transmission Protocols

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EDI Rules Reader

View All HIPAA EDI Validation Rules

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EDI Rules Files

Validation rules can be created or modified with HIPAA EDI Rules Creator Studio

Learn More

Learn tips and tricks that you can use to manage your EDI data