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RDPCrystal EDI Library Reviews

“Having this tool is priceless

RDPCrystal EDI Library’s components can be placed where we need them directly in our applications.  Validation is super-fast and allows us to catch data integrity issues the moment they happen

Dean Paluch

Waveland Technologies

“It’s one of the best purchases we’ve made for the department

My Cash Management Department was struggling with the high volume of ERAs that were split into multiple 835 files. It was so time consuming to post each of them individually, create reports, and list them with our balancing documentation each day. I found a product online –RDPCrystal EDI Library – and sent an inquiry email. I was immediately contacted by the support team. It has been such a lifesaver for us! We are now able to select and roll multiple ERAs into one file and post as a single remittance, saving us hours of time each week. The process and ease of use has been great and my staff states that it is one of the best purchases we have made for the department.

Sherry Edinger

Give the designers my praise for creating such a flexible system

The more we use EDIValidator the more we are impressed with it and see more uses in the future. It has helped identifying errors and we created some of our own custom rules. (with your fabulous support). “

Randy Kriss

“You guys have an awesome product and you back it up 200%

It has been a while since I had to learn how to use a 3rd party library and, in this case, to deal with more complicated challenges like creating and parsing EDI files. I am new to EDI file structures and was looking for a pure .Net implementation and out of the blue, I got an email from Component Source and there was RDPCrystal EDI Library.

Due to my lack of familiarity with the EDI structures, I had to exchange multiple support email requests with RDPCrystal engineers. Even during the trial period, the team at RDPCrystal was always there for me; they even provided sample code in VB. Besides the powerful parsing engine, one of the features I appreciate the most is being able to extend the library by creating my own X125010Document and Segments subclass to handle our business rules in a more familiar way and be ready for future EDI structure changes.

There are a lot of good things to say about RDPCrystal: the quality of their work, the excellent support service, and the well-designed structure of their classes. Just a few days ago, they released a new version of the EDI Rules Creator, now called “EDI Rules Creator Studio”. I needed to manually modify an 835 file to simulate some parsing tests by adding some claims segments. It was really nice to be able to use the new EDI Rules Creator Studio to test the changes and receive detailed errors and warnings until I got it working.

Keep up the good work RDPCrystal EDI Library Team!”

“First let me give you guys major kudos

This library is so easy to use. I wrote a quick CS program to validate one of my 837P files with over 66,000 lines and it flew through it. I edited it to cause an error and reran it and ‘badda-bing’ it caught it right away.”

“Your .Net EDI library is the best on the market”

Alexander Anikin

“Absolutely amazing!

If you ever need a direct reference for your product or services, count me in. I am completely floored by both the product and the Customer Support. Absolutely amazing!”

Tim Darnall

“This package alone has probably saved me weeks of time in testing

If you are creating EDI files then the EDI Validation component alone is worth the price of the package. The EDI Library helps by allowing the developer to forget about all the small details of EDI. The developer can now spend more of his time on the business rules that he needs to accomplish and not have to worry about all the intricacies of dealing with the EDI.

The objects that the EDI Library presents to the developer are structured very well and are very intuitive, the library is very easy to use and program with. This program uses complex rules files that the user can either buy or build themselves to validate their EDI file output. The system gives the user a list of errors and warnings about their EDI, that allows users to quickly fix and modify their output programs. The EDI Library processes very fast.”

“Significantly Faster

I compared [RDPCrystal EDI Library] with [others], both were easy to use, however RDPCrystal EDI Library was significantly faster.

RDPCrystal EDI Library gave us the ability to build a pure .NET solution vs. a hybrid that others vendors would have created.”

Mark Warner

“Amazing every time!

It has been a true pleasure working with the RDPCrystal EDI Library. I originally contacted inquiring on their EDI Library. I was in a time crunch and needed to incorporate an EDI parser very quickly. I was skeptical but since the costs was so reasonable, I had very little to loose. I made the purchase and was totally surprised by the goods received. I couldn’t believe all of the features this EDI Library included, especially at such a small cost. Needless to say my project completed on time and under budget. Since then I have farmed out other EDI projects with RDPCrystal EDI Library with incredible turn-around and fantastic quality.

It’s good to know that a company exists that can produce quality work at a reasonable cost. I will continue to use RDPCrystal EDI Library Components for future projects.”

Joseph Mann

Director of Information Technology

Mullins Labs

“Right now the tool has given us no issues and really simplified our process from the previous product we were using

The experience has been great! I think we got in a little over our head not realizing this was more for developers, but your team has stepped in and customized it to be exactly what we need!”

“The software works efficiently and was easy to use in the development of our applications

The support staff has always been extremely responsive to questions and to provide help. Updates are provided on a regular basis which is great!”

“The libraries are proving to be invaluable to our project

After recommending that my company purchase RDPCrystal EDI Library to be used in secondary support applications, it quickly became the star of the show. I’ve contacted the support team on a number of occasions, for questions, feature requests, and on only one occasion, a bug report. In every instance, the team has responded in a timely and professional manner, and were willing to work with me to resolve or clarify my issues. The libraries are proving to be invaluable to our project. With frequent new releases, they are striving to put the most robust product out there.”

Plus many more

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