Timely and Effective Technical Support

Let our technical support team help you incorporate EDI into your applications.  You will most likely be communicating with the actual developers who built the components you are using.  Our technical support team will give clear and insightful answers so that you can get your work done. We reply to your questions as soon as possible.

The support staff has always been extremely responsive to questions and to provide help. Updates are provided on a regular basis which is great

Support FAQ

Please contact our support team at   We would also appreciate it if you also send us the following:

  • A brief description of the issue
  • The scrubbed EDI file you were working on if that’s possible.
  • The exact version of RDPCrystal EDI Library
  • The component name in the library
  • Any relevant source code or files
  • Please make sure that you remove any .exe files in your email attachments as they will not be accepted by our email system

Absolutely.  Contact us at with any technical support questions.

We love getting feature requests.  Our team will examine the idea and determine if it would benefit the RDPCrystal EDI Library community.  99% of feature requests are implemented.
Contact us at

We try to respond to support email the same day and as soon as we can.  Generally it can be anywhere from 24-48 hrs.

Yes, they are included in the RDPCrystal EDI Library download. We have 3 types of manuals:

  • API documentation (Online as well)
  • RDPCrystal EDI Library Help files
  • Whitepapers

Our license verification system does not use the internet to verify serial numbers.  We verify serial number using another method local to your computer.

We use a ‘light’ version of 4010 to demonstrate our parsers and validations.  These rules file are not to be used in production builds.  They only demonstrate how our parsers work.  We have production ready EDI Rules files in our online store.