Case Study: Waveland Technologies

Waveland Technologies is a Data-as-a-Service curator serving the healthcare provider industry. Customers utilize our data resources to maximize their data integrity; minimizing their operating expense and maximizing their revenue capture for maximum efficiency and profitability all while ensuring compliance through reducing fraud, waste and abuse associated with demographic, insurance and patient financial information

What business needs or situation did you have?

Our clients have sophisticated data needs.  We needed to be able to create and manipulate EDI and still be compliant.  For example, the typical eligibility response (271) isn’t good enough anymore, we’re adding additional data.

  • We integrate with many different systems to exchange EDI.  We needed to ensure data integrity to maximize portability.
  • We wanted tools to help with Developer and Analyst Productivity.  Trying to find EDI errors without a proper validation tool is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  • We need to do all the above at high volumes and continue to meet or exceed our performance expectations.
  • We wanted to find a vendor that gives excellent support and can keep up with our needs.

What led you to decide to use RDPCrystal EDI Library?

In our case we needed excellent tools on the back end to make us very scalable.  We wanted to make sure the team had a comprehensive set of tools for working with EDI.  RDP Crystal EDI Library has a number of advantages:

  • We would not have to write tons of EDI validation code
  • We would not have to write an EDI parser
  • It would be less error prone to manipulate EDI using Typed Documents
  • Adjustable EDI validation rules
  • EDI Rules Creator Studio was easy to use
  • Components are compatible with .NET Core / Cross Platform

How did RDPCrystal EDI Library help you achieve your goals?

Using RDPCrystal EDI Library our developers can create and manipulate EDI using Typed DocumentsThese objects simplify working with EDI and avoid string-manipulation techniques that are error prone.  Developers use the EDI Rules Creator Studio to make sure their changes are accurate.  We also use the EDI Rules Creator Studio to prototype what we want our EDI to look like.  Having a visual tool to double-check your work is priceless.

We exchange data with 100’s of trading partners.  Unfortunately, we don’t always receive compliant EDI.  RDP’s components can be placed where we need them directly in our applications.  Validation is super-fast and allows us to catch data integrity issues the moment they happen.  This avoids extra effort when bad data moves to a downstream process or system.  In many cases we can make adjustments for known issues to keep data flowing. 

When integrating with new systems it’s much easier to catch minor differences from the 5010 Implementation Guide.

Applications can report EDI errors that Analysts can review.  Analysts can use the EDI Rules Creator Studio to isolate an EDI problem and propose a solution very quickly. 

Was Our Support Staff Helpful?

The RDPCrystal EDI Library support team listens to our feedback, continuously improve their product and are always dependable.  RDPCrystal EDI Library is the grease in the wheels.  We highly recommend them.