We are your extended EDI Team.  Our customers lie at the heart of our business and we are fully committed to providing the very best software development tools and expert technical support so you can integrate EDI into your business


Crystal Universe Software Inc. is dedicated to providing software developers with the tools they need to integrate EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services into their applications. We are determined to provide components and services that meet and exceed our customer’s expectation.

Our Story

Third Party EDI services are costing too much.  Third party EDI vendors charge large fees to process EDI documents.  Fees are being charged to create, validate and load EDI data.  Companies should know that there are cost effective solutions.

A long time ago our developers were looking for EDI components on the web just as you are right now. We could not find any .Net libraries that had all the features we were looking for.  The components also had to be fast, robust, easy to use and reasonably priced. Third party EDI vendors were charging too much for simple services.  That was 10 years ago.  After one and a half year of conducting all the EDI research ourselves and becoming experts on EDI specifications we released RDPCrystal EDI Library. We now service some of the largest companies in the US and around the world.   We offer RDPCrystal EDI Library to everyone who wants to bring EDI in-house, manage it themselves and not waste money on third party EDI vendors.

Our Mission

  • Cut out third party EDI vendors
  • Bring EDI in-house where customers can manage it themselves
  • Cut costs
  • Make EDI development easy for all developers
  • Provide developers with the EDI software components needed to build quality applications
  • Provide knowledgeable technical support to enable developers to properly and quickly accomplish tasks
  • Provide affordable EDI solutions.
  • Provide a superior product supported by the highest levels of technical support and customer service.
  • Continually improve our product by listening to our customers and utilizing the latest technologies.


When you select RDPCrystal EDI Library you not only get industry tested components but also a company and staff that you can depend on and most importantly trust.


Sales: sales@rdpcrystal.com
Support: support@rdpcrystal.com
Location: Long Island, New York