HIPAA EDI Development Suite


Crystal Universe Software Inc. is dedicated to providing software developers with the tools they need to integrate EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services into their applications. We are determined to provide components and services that meet and exceed our customer’s expectation.

Our Story

More than a decade ago our developers were looking for HIPAA EDI components on the web just as you are right now. We could not find any .Net libraries that had all the features we were looking for.  The components also had to be fast, robust, and easy to use.  We decided to build our own.  After one and a half year of conducting all the EDI research ourselves and becoming experts on EDI specifications we released RDPCrystal EDI Library. We now service some of the largest companies in the US and around the world.

Our Mission

  • Provide HIPAA developers with the components needed to build quality applications
  • Provide a superior product supported by the highest levels of technical support and customer service
  • Leverage our knowledge and over 10 years of experience to help our customers
  • Continually improve our product by listening to our customers and utilizing the latest technologies
  • Make the entire EDI process as simple and understandable as possible


The bottom line is that we, as a company, are trying incredible hard to help and not hinder our clients. We can’t tell you how many meetings we have over this. Everything has to be simple. Everything has to be understandable. Everything has to make sense. Our entire programming model is “A system is only finished not when there’s nothing else to add, but nothing else to take away”. You will find dealing with sales and support staff a pleasure. This is also what you get when you invest in a license for RDPCrystal EDI Library

Sales: sales@rdpcrystal.com
Support: support@rdpcrystal.com
Location: Long Island, New York

Take Charge Of HIPAA

RDPCrystal EDI Library