Case Study: Mullins Labs

Mullins Labs provides an entire range of clinical and anatomic pathology test procedures.

What business needs or situation did you have?

Mullins Labs received 837 Healthcare EDI files from medical billing offices that documented patient visits.  Patient visits included
all relevant data pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of patients as well as laboratory procedure charges.  Mullins Labs realized that on some 837 EDI files there may be situations where patient treatments are entered twice. This will cause Mullins Labs to think that patients were treated and charged more times than was really the case.

Mullins Labs wanted to accomplish the following goals:

  • Parse the 837 EDI files coming into its laboratory. Some EDI files are greater than 1000 KB.
  • Validate the 837 EDI files to make sure that data was correct.
  • Use the loaded validated data to check for duplicate patient treatments.
  • Display the duplicated data in a report.

What led you to decide to use RDPCrystal EDI Library?

Mullins Labs used more than one component of the RDPCrystal EDI Library to achieve its goals.

  • By using the EDIValidator Mullins Labs quickly parsed the 837 EDI files coming into its laboratory. Accuracy and speed were important.
  • After validating and loading of the EDI files by the EDIValidator, Mullins used the document API (EDIDocument) provided by EDIValidator to iterate through each patient treatment and programmatically check for duplicates.
  • Mullins then displayed the duplicate patient treatments in a report.

Our support team helped each step of the process as well

How did RDPCrystal EDI Library help you to meet your goals?

Mullins Lab was able to parse, validate and load all 837 EDI files and quickly check for patient treatment duplicates.
This enabled them to see exactly where data was duplicated.  By viewing the results in a report Mullins was able to properly
handle the situation in practically no time at all.

More importantly, Mullins Lab was able to see the duplicated patient charges and handle it correctly.