Adding Equality Conditions


    Adding Equality Conditions

    Element equality conditions enables you to specify that an element’s value in a segment must be the same as a former element’s value in another segment. Element equality conditions are usually used to check if EDI transaction numbers are the same at the beginning and ending of an EDI file.

    You cannot use the EDI Rules Creator to add element equality conditions. To add element equality conditions you must explicitly open a EDI rules file with notepad or other text editor.

    NOTE: ELEMENT EQUALITY can also be achieved with Rules and is preferred

    • Go to the ELEMENT EQUALITY section of the EDI rules file.
    • This section accepts data in the following format:

    <ElementPosition>=<ElementPosition>[, <ElementPosition>]

    ElementPosition is SegmentOrdinal:ElementOrdinal:CompositeElementOrdinal

    Adding An Element Equality Condition



    The above example means:
    The value in the second element of segment 394 must equal to the value of the 13th element in the first segment.



    The value of the first composite element of the first element in segment 83 must equal to the value of the first element of segment 2.

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