Adding A Loop Segment


    Loop Segments are created from Template Segments. This is so that you do not have to keep entering the same segment and element information over and over again.

    Adding a Loop Segment

    • Right click on a loop and click on the Add Segment menu item.

    The Add Segment dialog appears.

    • Select a template segment to use as a template for this segment from the Template Segment combo box. After selection all of its elements and default usages will appear in the table.
    • Here we see that this segment repeats once and it’s usage is OPTIONAL at this position. It’s first element (element 101) has an accepted value of 56. This means that only the value of 56 is accepted as valid for this element in this position. More than one excepted values can be entered using a comma as a separator. For example (56,57,58, etc)
    • Click on the SAVE button to add this Loop Segment to the EDI loop structure

    This new Loop Segment will now be displayed in the EDI loop structure

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