Adding A Template Segment


    A Temple Segment is a template can be reused to create segments that are added to loops.

    Before adding a segment to the loop a Template Segment must first be created. A Template Segment contains elements and their default usages.

    Adding A Template Segment

    • Click on the NEW button on the TEMPLATE SEGMENTS tab

    • The New Template Segment dialog appears

    • Enter the name of the Template Segment.  In this example we entered ST
    • Click on the NEW ELEMENT button. This will cause a new row to appear in the grid. Each row represents an element and its usage
    • Select the type of element ( General or Composite), the element number and the element’s usage.  In this example we added two elements, 26 and 29. One is REQUIRED and the other is OPTIONAL
    • Add as many elements as desired. Click on the SAVE button to save the new Template Segment.

    Template Segments That Contain Composite Elements

    We can see above that segment CLM has two composite elements, C023 and C024.  Since a composite element is used we need a mask.  Therefore we added a mask (Mask1).  The C024 element also needs to have a mask.  It has two masks (image below).  In the image above we use it’s second mask.

    If we add a second mask to CLM then we also need to specify which of the composite element’s mask to use again in the new mask.  In the example below we enter ‘1’ in the Composite Mask# column preceded by a comma for both C023 and C024 since they both have a mask 1.


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