Adding a Data Segment


    Adding a Data Segment

    Creating an EDI document is easy with the EDIDocument component. Simply create an instance of the EDIDocument, set its loops, and call its GenerateFile() procedure. EDIDocument is based on a loop hierarchy. Loops contain segments and other loops. Segments contain elements. Element contains data and composite elements.

    Creating a data segment is very simple!


    // Instantiate an instance of EDIDocument and set the name of the file to be created
    EDIDocument sampleEDIFile = new EDIDocument(“C:\\My837EDIFile.txt”);

    // Create an interchange loop. This loop will contain all other loops in the EDI structure
    Loop interchangeHeaderLoop = new Loop(“Interchange Header”);

    // Create an ISA segment in the interchange loop
    DataSegment isa = interchangeHeaderLoop.CreateSegment(“ISA”);

    Now add elements with data to the ISA segment

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