EDI Rules Creator

It was really nice to be able to use the HIPAA EDI Rules Creator Studio to test the changes and receive detailed errors and warnings until I got it working”

Does your HIPAA EDI file pass our validator?  Quickly create, edit and test HIPAA validation rules with HIPAA EDI Rules Creator Studio Absolutely FREE!


Main Features

  • Preloaded with HIPAA 4010 and 5010 Implementation Rules
  • Generates a Fully Complaint HIPAA 999 Acknowledgment file based on errors
  • Easily create, view and modify HIPAA EDI rules
  • Create highly customized rules for different lines of business
  • Configure code lists for extreme file validation. For example (states, zip code, CPT, ICD, NDC codes, etc)
  • Plus much more

What are HIPAA EDI Validation Rules?

HIPAA EDI validation rules enable us to check whether EDI data has the correct structure and values based on the HIPAA Implementation Guides.  They enable us to:

  • Verify correct loop, segment and element structure
  • Verify that data elements have correct formats and values
  • Verify that loops, segments, elements are used properly
  • Output correct error and warning messages
  • Load EDI data into a structure that can then be used to get the data

A general X12 EDI specifications contains loops, segments, elements, composite elements, element codes lists,  accepted element data patterns (Formats) etc.  HIPAA EDI Rules Creator Studio uses these same terminologies when creating rules.


HIPAA EDI Rules Structure


Test HIPAA EDI rules


Create Simple and Complex HIPAA Validation Rules


Easily add Loops, Segment and Elements


Complete control of segments with just a right click


Add Segment Usages, Accepted Values and Formats


Add Elements



Add, edit and configure Code Lists used in validation of element data


Configure complex segment rules


A list of pre-created HIPAA EDI Rules file can be found here. Our technical support specialists are always there to help you if you have any questions.

HIPAA EDI Implementation Guides can be purchased at www.wpc-edi.com