RDPCrystal Work Items

Let The Experts Handle It

Join the growing list of companies who are finding out they don’t have to build their own EDI applications

Let our state-of-the-art programmers build your state-of-the-art component or application

RDPCrystal Work Items is a consulting service that  builds EDI applications for companies using C#.Net and RDPCrystal EDI Library

Benefits Includes

  1. A single application/component for a specific business case
  2. Our expert programmers will write the application
  3. Our technical support team will support the application
  4. Full source code is made available
  5. We also build customized validation rule files used by the EDI Validator component and partial applications where we write the initial code and companies complete it themselves. 

Simple Streamlined Process

  1. Tell us what the application needs to do
  2. We will send a quote
  3. We start creating the application ASAP
  4. You get a great application with source code and full technical support

Please contact our support team at support@rdpcrystal.com if your company can benefit from RDPCrystal Work Items.