EDIValidationUnit – Validating EDI File


    Validating EDI File

    After placing the ValidationUnit on a WinForm you can virtually validate an EDI file with no code at all.

    How to use the validation component

    After running your program you will see the ValidationUnit on your form:



    1.   Select the validation rules file from the Rule File text field. This rule file must be a valid EDI rules file.
    2.   Select the EDI file you want to validate in the EDI File text field.
    3.   Click on the Validate button to validate the file.
    4.   ValidationUnit will first read in the EDI rules file.  Progress will be displayed in progress bars.
    5.   ValidationUnit will then validate the EDI file.  Progress will be displayed in progress bars.
    6.   After validation a list of errors or warnings will be in the Output tab. You can right click in the error or warning tables to go directly to the error or warning.
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