EDIValidationUnit Overview



    EDIValidationUnit is a pre-built Windows user control that can be dropped into applications. No Programming Required!

    Integrate EDI validation into applications faster than ever!
    • No programming required!
    • Displays errors and warnings in convenient grids
    • Loads EDI data in a high-performance hierarchy tree
    • Go directly to the line that contains an error or warning
    • Saves tons of time

    Main Features

    •     View all errors in EDI files
    •     View all warnings in EDI files
    •     View all EDI data in a tree
    •     Navigate to errors and warnings in EDI files with one click
    •     Set component colors to the match look and feel of applications
    •     Export errors and warnings into CSV files
    •     Displays SNIP Levels
    •     Show/Hide different parts of the view
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