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    EDIRulesReader is a very fast parser that reads the EDI rules from a .Rules formatted rule file. EDIRulesReader is used primarily by the EDIValidator component to read, parse, validate and load EDI files, in that order. EDIValidator then uses the information in EDIRulesReader to do all of its validation.

    In most cased the actions of the EDIRulesReader will be transparent to EDI developers using the RDPCrystal EDI Library. They will just use the EDIValidator component.
    EDIRulesReader reads in all the EDI rules and puts them in a tree like structure.

    The EDI rules format gives you the flexibility to create basically any type of EDI rule. It can load ANY EDI specs and any rules. For example EDIRulesReader can be used to load 837s, 835s, 997, 270, 271 .Rules file formats.

    EDIRulesReader is configured to read in any valid .Rules EDI rules file. This is what makes the component so valuable, it’s not tied into just one rule or format. You can also create your own rules file graphically with EDI Rules Creator Studio.

    It contains the following meta data for each standard

    • Element Definitions – ID, Type, Minimum, Maximum, Description
    • Segment Definitions – Names, Usage
    • Composite Elements Definitions– Names, Usage
    • EDI File Structure – Loop Hierarchy
    • Elements Formats -Regular Expressions used to validate data like dates, times, ids etc.
    • Validation Rules – Required, Optional, Not Used loops, segments and elements
    • Summary Rules
    • Segment Constraints
    • Element Constraints
    • Code List and Accepted Values
    • Plus much more
    in EDI Rules Reader
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