EDILightweightDocument Overview



    EDILightWeightDocument is a component that provides a fast and easy way to create EDI files.  EDILightWeightDocument follows an object oriented hierarchy schema that makes it easy to use and understand.
    EDILightWeightDocument enables developers to create any EDI file (X12 and EDIFACT) fast and easily. It’s as simple as creating a new EDILightWeightDocument object and adding loops, segments and data elements to it.  Developers will experience how powerful EDILightWeightDocument is with their first use.  EDI file creation is very fast, just call the GenerateFile() method and you’re all done.

    Main Features

    • Create X12 and EDIFACT EDI files
    • Easy to use API
    • View entire EDI document in a tree
    • Fast EDI file generation
    • Extremely memory efficient

    Difference between EDIDocument and EDILightWeightDocument

    • EDILightWeightDocument is much more memory efficient. It only creates objects when it needs to, resulting in less memory usage. This is useful when loading large EDI files.
    • EDILightWeightDocument does not have smart features like auto trim of elements, element padding and removal of empty trailing elements.
    • EDILightWeightDocument is a bit faster at generating EDI files since it does not contain any smart features.
    • Other than the above differences EDILightWeightDocument can be used in the same manner as EDIDocument
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