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    Setting Delimiters

    To set delimiters we use the ASCII number of the characters.


    const STAR = 42; //’*’
    const COLON = 58 //’:’
    const TILDA = 126 //’~’
    const CARET = 94 //’^’
    doc.Delimiters.ElementTerminatorCharacter = STAR;
    doc.Delimiters.CompositeTerminatorCharacter = COLON;
    doc.Delimiters.SegmentTerminatorCharacter = TILDA;
    doc.Delimiters.RepetitionCharactor = CARET;

    The Repetition Character was introduced by the X12 EDI format and used in version 5010 of the implementation guides. By default this value is ‘^’. The repeating character will be used for both repeating elements and repeating composite elements.

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