EDI File Loader – Converting To XML


    Converting To XML

    EDIFileLoader allows developers to load EDI files and convert them to XML


    // Create a new instance of EDIFileLoader

    EDIFileLoader loader = new EDIFileLoader();

    // Set the type of EDI file that you are about the load

    loader.EDIFileType = FileType.X12; //Or FileType.EDIFACT

    // Set the source of EDI data, whether you are loading from an in-memory string or a file
    loader.EDISource = EDISource.File; // Or EDISource.DataString
    // Set the EDI file path to load
    loader.EDIFile = “C:\\EDIFile.txt;
    // load the data
    EDILightWeightDocument loadedDocument = loader.Load();
    //Convert to XML
    XmlDocument xmlDoc = loadedDocument.ToXml();    
    //Or save to a file

    Since there are no rules required EDIFileLoader only parses and loads all the segments in one loop. It does not group the segments into a loop hierarchy structure.

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