Displaying An EDI Document


    Displaying An EDI Document

    EDIDocumentViewer allows you to either display data from an EDILightWeightDocument or an EDIDocument. Nodes in the visual tree are only created when they are needed to reduced the memory footprint and increase the overall performance of your application. Conversely nodes are removed from memory when they are expanded.

    The example below assumes that you have already created an instance of the EDIDocumentViewer and added it to your form.


    EDIDocument sampleEDIFile = new EDIDocument(“C:\\EDIDoc.txt”);
    // Create your EDI documents loops, segments an elements here
    // Load the data into the EDIDocumentViewer.
    Your EDIDocument will now be displayed in a visual tree. You can now expand and collapse loops, segments and composite elements and see the data in your EDI document.
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