EDI Basics

What’s the Repetition Separator Character in 5010 X12?

The Repetition Separator Character was introduced in version 5010 of the HIPAA implementation guide. This character is located in ISA11 of the HIPAA 5010 implementation guide.  Previously ISA11 was used to hold the Interchange Control Standards Identifier ( ex: U).  The ISA segment still remains a fixed length segment at 106 characters. Purpose The purpose

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Become a super Programmer

Good is the enemy of greatThe difference between good programmers and great ones is that great programmers understand the fundamentals very, very well.  Sure reading Donald Knut is great but the books are so dense they can kill you. The same insane team of hack programmers that built RDPCrystal EDI Library and RDPScript, have compiled

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X12 Segment Structure

EDI segments contain the basic units of data in an EDI file. In fact an EDI file contains only segments. In this article we will discuss the X12 segment structure and how it’s used to create EDI messages. Let’s say we want to send a basic company name information to another party. We can use

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What is EDI

The purpose of this article to give a brief overview of what EDI is in a simple and straightforward manner. If you’re reading this article that means that you’re either interested in EDI development or simply just want to learn more about EDI in general. There’s a lot of information on the web that describes

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