Online ProfessionalTierLogoWhy should you buy RDPCrystal EDI Library?

  • Because third party EDI companies don’t give you all of your data and cost a fortune
  • Because you are tired of having another company handle your data
  • Because you’ll finally have complete control of all of your EDI data.  From creating, viewing, parsing, validating, joining, splitting, loading and scrubbing EDI files
  • Because it has all the components you need to start implementing EDI internally today!
  • Because it makes creating EDI documents easy especially for new EDI developers
  • Because you have better things to do than learn EDI from scratch
  • Because it’s currently being used by the largest companies in the United States and around the world
  • Because it can be used by any Microsoft .net programming language

Why should you buy from us?

  • Because we’ve been helping companies just like yours handle HIPAA EDI for over a decade
  • Because we have in-depth knowledge of how to create all HIPAA documents since we’ve implemented them countless of times before
  • Because we know what tools you need to get the job done correctly.  We’ve created the tools in the form of components
  • Because we make EDI development easier for your developers
  • Because most companies focus on all types of EDI – We specialize in HIPAA
  • Because our technical support staff is fired up and ready to go
  • Because we are proud to be your extended team

If you’re not fully satisfied within 7 days we will refund your money.  You have nothing to lose.

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License Prices

  • Developer -1024 USD
  • Site Professional (1-5 Developers) – 2999 USD
  • Site Elite (6-10 Developers) – (Best Seller) – 3999 USD
  • Enterprise Professional (1-5 Developers)  – 4999 US – Includes all 4010 & 5010 EDI Rules File
  • Enterprise Elite (6-10 Developers) – (Best Seller) – 5999 USD  – Includes all 4010 & 5010 EDI Rules File

699 USD for each additional license after 10 Developers

*For more than 10 developers please contact us at

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