RDPCrystal EDI library
Billing Forms SDK

Print to CMS-1500 and UB-04 billing forms

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Main Features

  • Just initialize simple fields and call Print()
  • Ability to set X and Y offset positions to handle different printer settings
  • Ability to modify field height, width, alignment, position and data before data is sent to the printer
  • Add Date, Phone, Price and Text form fields
  • Create your own custom fields
  • Ability to print to named printers
  • Integrates with .Net PrintDialog, PageSetupDialog, PrintPreviewDialog
  • Removes the need to have any PDF components

.Net Billing Forms SDK Components

CMS-1500 Form Printer

Print data to CMS-1500 forms

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UB-04 Form Printer

Print data to UB-04 forms

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