EDI File Parser

quickly Iterate over EDI files Line By Line

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Main Features


EDIFileParser is a low level multi-threaded component that provides a fast and easy way to parse EDI files line by line.  It auto detects all special delimiters characters and provides an iterator over all EDI segments.   EDIFileParser is used in scenarios where developers need to read and process EDI file lines one by one and possibly feed that data into other programs or systems.

The Code

// Create a new instance of EDIFileParser
EDIFileParser parser = new EDIFileParser("SampleEDI.txt");

// Start loading the file on a background thread

// Iterate over the EDI file
while ( !parser.Finished()){
    string ediLine  = parser.NextLine();

EDIValidator, EDIFileLoader, EDIFileSplitter and EDIFileJoiner use EDIFileParser internally to parse EDI data quickly