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    Splitting Data

    EDIFileSplitter is capable of splitting an X12 EDI data into many smaller strings. Developers can split data at the envelope level (ISA), the functional group level (GS) , or the header level (ST) by setting the FileSplitLevel property of EDIFileSplitter.


    const edi = require(‘rdpcrystal-edi-library’);
    //Original document with 2 Transactions (ST)
    let original =”ISA*00*          *00*          *ZZ*133052274      *ZZ*311279999…”;
    //Create a new EDIFileSplitter
    let splitter = new edi.EDIFileSplitter();
    //Split the document at the ST header
    splitter.FileSplitLevel = edi.FileSplitLevel.HEADER;
    //Put 1 ST-SE loop in each file
    splitter.NumberOfItemsPerFile = 1;
    //Split the document
    let splitDocs = splitter.split(original);
    console.log(“First Split Document”);
    console.log(“Second Split Document”);

    EDIFileSplitter will add the correct number of items in element 1 of the SE, GE, and IEA segments.

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