EDIFileLoader Overview



    EDIFileLoader provides a fast and easy way to parse and load any X12 file.  It exhibits fast parsing speeds and offers the ability to load data from files or from in-memory strings.

    EDIFileLoader enables loaded EDI data to be accessed in an API-like fashion after loading.  It does not require any validation rules files to parse and load EDI data. Unlike the EDIValidator component the resulting structure is flat with only one main loop that contains all segments in the file. EDIFileLoader loads EDI files quickly and efficiently giving developers the power to interpret the segment data however they desire.


    Main Features

    • EDI Parser
    • Loads any EDI file (X12 and EDIFACT)
    • Handles composite elements
    • Fast parsing and loading speeds
    • Creates an EDILightWeightDocument object after loading is completed for easy access to EDI data
    • Option to load EDI data from the file system or in-memory strings
    • Auto detection of segment, element and composite delimiters
    • Loads EDI files without any rules files whatsoever
    • Exposes an array containing all lines of the loaded EDI file
    • Ability to convert EDI data to XML
    • Extremely easy to use API
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