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    The EDIValidator component provides a fast and easy way to both validate and load EDI data. It exhibits both fast parsing and validation speeds.

    EDIValidator validates and loads data into a convenient object

    •  Display validated EDI data to clients, save it to a database, use it to create custom applications.
    •  Modify existing EDI documents in memory
    •  Works hand-in-hand with EDI Rules File for superior validation

    Main Features

    • Validates all 7 SNIP levels
    • Ability to add custom rules
    • Displays the exact line of errors and warnings
    • Validates loop, segment and element usage
    • Validates element lengths constraints
    • Validates element relationship constraints
    • Advanced pattern matching with Regular Expressions for superior validation
    • Handles Repeating Elements and Repeating Composite Elements
    • Support custom validation rules
    • Creates an EDILightWeightDocument after validation
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