EDI Document Viewer

View EDI Data Correctly

EDIDocumentViewer is a high performance, low memory UI component that displays EDI documents in a hierarchical fashion.  It supports both large and small EDI documents without sacrificing performance or memory.  Data is loaded and unloaded on demand so memory footprint remains low.

Main Features

  • View entire EDI document in a hierarchical tree
  • Supports both large and small EDI documents
  • Low memory footprint, only nodes that are in view are loaded
  • On demand loading, unloading of loops and segments
  • Color coded loops, segments, elements for easy viewing
  • Supports repeating elements and repeating composite elements
  • Supports any X12 standard



Drill down into EDI data with the click of a button.  Perfect for either viewing EDI documents or viewing validated data.  Loop, segment and element nodes are easily distinguishable from each other.  Data element values as are displayed in brackets as well.  An event is also raised when an EDI node is selected.

EDIDocumentViewer has so far been test on 128MB size EDI files.  Performance did not decrease and user interaction was snappy with no noticeable lag.

The Code

EDIDocument sampleEDIFile = new EDIDocument("C:\\EDIDoc.txt");
// Create your EDI documents loops, segments an elements here
// Load the data into the EDIDocumentViewer.